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Ask the Sensor Experts -- Free Technical Advice

Ask Our Experts About Any Sensor or Sensor Networking Related Issue

Our panel of sensor experts will answer any question about the use of sensors, or issues about sensor networks. Perhaps we can provide an alternate view in solving a sensor related problem. If you are currently puzzled by a sensor question, send our experts a note and see if we can provide some insights for a solution. Or perhaps you already have an approach and you want to get a "second opinion". Our experts may confirm the solution you are already pursuing or we may provide new insight into alternate approaches to solving your sensor problems.

Our experts will try to respond to you via e-mail within one workday.

To submit a question to our Sensors Expert --

Click HERE and enter ASK in the subject line of your e-mail. Provide as many details as appropriate for the question. Do not send proprietary information.


Though no single panel of experts will be able to answer all questions and some questions may be too complex for an e-mail response, we will use our 30+ years of experience to give you our best response.

In addition it should be noted that many engineering questions have multiple solution paths; our approach may only be one of many practical solutions. It is also possible that the solution to certain issues may depend on details not included in your e-mail description of the question, but we will do our best to give you some useful advice and start you in a workable direction. See our Terms of Use statement for a more complete explanation of the limitations of this service.

We Will Recommend the Best Solution from the Information Provided

We will provide you with our view of your sensor issue. Where appropriate, we will recommend our products to help you solve your problem. But we will also recommend the products of competitors and other sensor related manufacturers depending on our view of the best solution to your question based on the details provided in your question.

Why Provide this Free Service?

We think we can help many of you with your sensor issues. Although our suggestions may not involve the use of any of our products or services, we believe that our responses will help you better appreciate the value of Sensor Synergy technology for this or future problems. We also want to invite you to browse our web site and explore the information made available by Sensor Synergy, Inc.

By submitting your question, you are agreeing to our Terms of Use. Please review this information prior to submitting a question to our Ask the Experts feature.



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