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Batteries & Storage Cells

Remote Monitoring of Battery and Storage Cell Status
Banks of storage cells and other types of batteries can be remotely monitored using Sensor Synergy's NEEM technology. Frequently, arrays of high-capacity batteries are connected in series and parallel to provide failure tolerant electricity for critical applications. Series connected, strings of batteries can be used to increase the voltage available to the load, multiple series connected battery strings can be connected in parallel to increase the overall capacity of the battery supply. The use of diodes, fuses and other isolation electronics can provide a faul-tolerant reserve battery bank prepared to supply electric power to a critical load in case the conventional electric power grid fails.
Remotely Monitor

  • Battery Voltage

  • Battery Charging Current

  • Battery Temperature

  • Data Trends During Past 6 Months
remotely monitored battery bank
NEEM unit acquiring data and Sensor Synergy's data logger capturing and displaying sensor data
The NEEM unit enables remote monitoring over the Internet or Local Area Network of individual battery voltages, battery bank current during charge and discharge cycles. In addition, the NEEM provides temperature monitoring capabilities for better analysis of the battery bank state of health. Finally, retrieving historical data from the NEEM, provides "trend" information to identify the early phase of battery failure so that corrective actions can be taken before the battery fails. This type of Condition Based Maintenance can enhance the overall reliability of a battery back-up power supply without forcing changes to good storage cells because the calendar indicates a certain period of time has elapsed since the battery was last replaced.



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