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Watts Aware Energy Efficiency Consulting

Let Sensor Synergy's staff of industrial energy efficiency experts help you identify energy savings opportunities by analyzing power-use data associated with the operations of your larger, power-hungry machines. We can help any or all steps in the energy saving process: conduct power measurements, analyze the data, correlate data features with manufacturing activities, calculate costs of operations, assess energy saving alternatives, and help you plan a maximum impact energy-use reduction strategy based on your production activities, equipment requirements, and ROI needs.

Our staff has many years of in-the-field, industrial experience backed by substantial engineering credentials including PhD, MS and BS degrees in Electrical Engineering and related fields from top-20 US universities. And our staff will collaborate with you and your staff on these tasks as much as desired.

Product Options

Due to the widely varying work environments our consultants encounter during the measurement phase of our work, we have found consulting packages based on project work hours provide our customers with the most benefit for each situation.


  • 6 hour plant energy consultation package


  • 12 hour plant energy consultation package


  • 24 hour plant energy consultation package


  • 40 hour plant energy consultation package


  • More involved energy consultation products can be arranged to fit your needs!
*Prices do not include travel costs.

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