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Technical Notes from the Field

The notes included in this section are inspired by discussions with our customers and describe how they currently use Watts Aware technology in their manufacturing plants, warehouses and in other industrial environments.
Electricity-Use Monitoring in Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities

Why You Should Be Monitoring Your Electricity Use.

Although it may seem straight-forward, the consumption of electricity by manufacturing machines may not always track with production activities. Watts Aware products can help you learn the relationship between electricity consumption and your production activities. Learning the details of this relationship goes a long way toward reducing electricity costs.

>> Helpful hints on monitoring power use to cut electricity costs...

Individual Equipment vs. Whole Plant

Should I Monitor "Whole-Plant" or Individual Equipment Power Use?

Watts Aware products are ideally suited to monitor power consumption from a single piece of equipment or from a group of equipment. In many cases, this approach is preferred over monitoring "whole-plant" power for achieving insight into saving money.

>> More on monitoring individual equipment vs. "whole-plant" power...

Accuracy Trade-Offs

Are You Paying Too Much Trying to Save Money on Your Electricity Bill?

The Watts Aware WA-118 products are power monitoring solutions based only on measurements of AC current. This method sacrifices a small amount of accuracy in favor of ease of use and installation as well as cost savings.

>> Learn more about selecting the right power monitoring method for your cost savings needs...

Request Our Free Energy Savings Guide

Practical Guide Based on Real-World Results

We've compiled many of our experiences helping industrial facilities save money on their electric bills into this helpful, practical guide.

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Additional Questions?

If you have any specific questions about your energy efficiency and power monitoring needs, feel free to call or write us. Our engineers are eager to answer any of your power or equipment monitoring questions.



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