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Sensor Synergy, Inc. is a U.S. corporation founded in October 1999 to help industry simplify the task of connecting sensors and actuators to the Internet and local networks. Many manufacturing and commercial enterprises have identified communication barriers within their organization due to sensors lacking connectivity or incompatible interfaces. In order to facilitate the process, Sensor Synergy has developed unique software and hardware tools to implement low-cost sensor-to-Internet interfaces. These products can be used for monitoring and control of industrial processes, environmental control or other monitoring applications, through standard internet-connected Web browsers.

Sensor Synergy headquarters are located in a suite of offices and development labs in Vernon Hills, IL. Hardware and software development labs along with technical support personnel are housed in our headquarters facility. Circuit board manufacture and final assembly operations are completed at a facility a few miles from our headquarters in a nearby Chicago suburb.

The company’s smart sensor interfaces can be custom configured to customer requirements and thus simplify the task of connecting sensors to Ethernet networks. By utilizing existing sensor and actuator devices, Sensor Synergy interfaces work “out-of-the-box,” without the need for user programming or separate custom software.

The Sensor Synergy staff has the experience and comprehensive understanding necessary to provide user-friendly solutions to complex network-to-device interface issues. Company expertise in sensor hardware technology and custom software solutions has led to the development of cost-saving answers to long-standing industry problems.

Drawing on his fifteen years of research and development in the sensors and automation area, founder and CEO of Sensor Synergy, Dr. James Wiczer began the process to create better tools to connect transducers to automation equipment. Later, the Sensor Synergy team brought together the combined expertise of several of Dr. Wiczer’s former colleagues from the National Laboratories, as well as leading experts from California, Massachusetts, and Illinois.

Dr. James Wiczer holds six U.S. patents related to sensors and has published over 80 articles on his research and development work. After receiving his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois in 1977, he worked at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His experiences at Sandia include management of the Robotics and Automation Department and, subsequently, management of the Microsensors R&D Department.




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