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Wattts Aware Power Use Monitor
The Complete Tool to Monitor Your Electrical Power
Watts Aware power monitor set up with a circuit breaker panel

Track your power usage in real time with Watts Aware

  • Turn-key solution includes all hardware and software components - including a Netbook dashboard console

  • Identify and quantify main components of your electric bill. Reveal previously unseen electrical power usage

  • Easy 1-hour installation sets up the monitoring of your electrical consumption without power interruption

  • Rugged, wall-mountable construction can monitor power usage in many industrial and commercial environments

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Network Enabled Equipment Monitor

The 30 minute solution to web-based equipment monitoring
Browser view You choose the sensors that gather the data you need to monitor equipment, processes or other applications. The NEEM makes this information available on the web, to your company's local area network, or to a single, connected computer.

Password-authorized users can run conventional Web browser programs to display this information in graphic or tabular form. Historical reports are displayed in the form of a scrollable review of the prior day, prior week, prior month or prior year's performance..

NEEM-112 Product Summary


  • Transform common sensors into network-enabled, self-documenting "smart sensors".
  • Highly flexible design adapts to a wide range of monitoring needs.
  • Observe operating trends to predict maintenance requirements and avoid down time.
  • Compute utilization or alarm events.


  • Quick "plug and play" set-up - just 30 minutes from first opening the box to viewing data on any internet browser.
  • Web based interface provides tabular and graphical display of sensor data with common Web browser programs.
  • Included software development kit (SDK) allows for customized integration of NEEM data with ActiveX enabled programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, virtually all Visual Basic programs and many others.
  • Only power and network connections are required. The integrated micro-web server eliminates the need for on-site computers.
  • No service provider contracts or subscriptions are necessary.

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