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Watts Aware

Watts Aware model WA-118 "turn-key" power monitoring system configured as follows:

  • WA-118a with 3 std. 200 amp capacity sensors

  • WA-118b with 6 std. 200 amp capacity sensors

  • WA-118c with 3 high capacity 500 amp sensors

  • WA-118d with 6 high capacity 500 amp sensors

  • WA-118e with 3 std. 200 amp and 3 high capacity 500 amp sensors
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Watts Aware model WA-122 True Power "turn-key" monitoring system.

WA-122 provides true power and power factor measurements for applications requiring precise power monitoring corrected for phase lead/lag and harmonics. Includes metal NEMA4 enclosure and can accommodate up to 3 phase, 4 wire electrical systems. Configured with 3 standard 500 amps CT sensors but can be configured for higher amp capacities and for bus-bar form factors.

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Circuit breaker panel with complete Watts Aware solution.
Complete solution includes:
  • NEEM Microweb Server Data Acquisition Device
  • Easy-to-install current sensors
  • Netbook Computer
  • Dashboard Console Software
  • Wireless Router
  • All Additional Required Software, Cables


Complete "Off-the-Shelf" solutions. Get Data up to the Cloud and

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network enabled equipment monitor with sensor inputs
Included with your purchase
  • NEEM
  • Power Supply
  • Serial Cable
  • Ethernet cables
  • Manuals and documentation
  • Data Logging software
  • Configuration software
  • Software Developer's Kit
  • Phone support
NEEM-115 Hardware unit
Software Data Acquisition package
Sensors selected for your application
Options include Weathertight Enclosure with Weathertight Electrical Connectors

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