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Watts Aware

A turn-key solution ready to use in under an hour:
  • Split-core sensors can be installed without shutting down power
  • Netbook dashboard console is already connected via WiFi to the data acquisition box
  • Acquisition box and wireless router are wall-mountable for easy installation next to your circuit breaker panel

See Your Power Consumption in Real Time:
  • The dashboard console is already installed on the Netbook computer that comes with your Watts Aware system
  • Immediately after plugging the data acquisition box in, the dashboard starts displaying data
  • Four easy-to-read dials show your consumption along with an interactive graph

Visualize Historical Data with Graphs and Tables
  • View Data feature allows users to select time window for view of previously collected power use data
  • Text notes serve as a reminder to correlate equipment on-off events with power use changes
  • Selected data for user defined time period can be exported to CSV file for use by others

Keep Track of Changes in Power Consumption:
  • The dashboard console includes an Event Logging platform
  • Mark when a machine turns on or off; then easily isolate the power that machine consumes
  • Custom grouping of your equipment helps to separate efficient uses from areas needing improvement

Easy-to-install sensors give immediate, accurate data:
  • Split-core current sensors can be installed without power interruption or interaction with electrical connections

  • Industrial-grade sensors can measure current from cables as thick as 0.85 inches diameter

Netbook dashboard provides an essential tool for facilities managers:
  • The low-cost solution involves no monthly fees
  • Watts Aware Netbook provides 24/7 at-a-glance overview of power usage



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