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Technology Links

Links to outside information relevant to Sensor Synergy technology


ECN reference: New Efforts to Streamline Smart Sensor Standards

The development of economically viable, feature-rich, smart sensor technologies has been supported by continued advances in microelectronics and the recent release of industry standards.

Design News reference: Standardized sensors use Web or PC base

Sensors that use the IEEE 1451 standard are starting to appear, simplifying setup in a wide variety of applications. Users are now taking two approaches for system architectures, using either PC controls or linking sensor subsystems to networks and the Internet.

Sensors Express reference: Sensor-to-Network Interface from Sensor Synergy

Sensor Synergy, Inc., offers the Network-Enabled Equipment Monitor (NEEM) Model 112 that generates live Web views of data from common analog sensors and provides electronic data sheets and Web log information to supplement the raw data.

Collaborative Efforts:

IEEE 1451.2 standard:



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